How To Render Beautiful LEGO Pictures In 5 Easy Steps

Infographics are a popular, and fun, tool to share information. I thought I’d give it a try using Canva’s infographic template. This is a test of their embed feature to see how it would look in my blog.

What, another change!

Well, yes. Another change! Okay, one that is for the better. I updated the slide show to use JavaScript to rotate the images. It is less annoying and doesn't mess with your history.

The other change is the addition of a calander. Yes, a completely useless update. Sort of. I actually have a plan for it on another site. But I decided to experiment with it on my site. It is actually a modified version of an old calander script I used to have on another site. For this version, I dropped the holiday images and made it smaller to fit better in the side bar.

Design Update and Slide Show

Although the display isn't much different, the code behind my site has changed a bit. I've converted the site layout to CSS, no more <table> layouts. It takes a bit more work to get CSS to look right, but I think it is worth it. Most of the other changes are in the back end so that I can now start working on other site content.

One new addition is the slide show image to the right. It will refresh every 60 seconds with a different image from my Lego Ray Tracing gallery. I'm still testing it a bit and haven't decided if I like the way I'm doing it.