Testing Only—Don’t Linger

How To Render Beautiful LEGO Pictures In 5 Easy Steps

Infographics are a popular, and fun, tool to share information. I thought I’d give it a try using Canva’s infographic template. This is a test of their embed feature to see how it would look in my blog.

Testing Flickr Embeds

On my regular blog, I usually share using BBCODE. That has some advantages as I can dictate how the img tag is expanded. Yet, as I use more HTML code, especially on my test site, I thought I’d try out the EMBED option. It looks good, but jury is out on allowing scripts to run from other sites. As long as it doesn’t impact load time or mess with my site, I’m fine. More testing will determine my comfort level.

Copying Is the Best Form of Flattery

Design work, source Unsplash.comI’m almost always reading and learning what is going on in the industry. Of late, I’ve been spending more time on Medium.com as another source of personal enrichment. But, it isn’t just the content that intrigues me, I enjoy their design.

Their site is clean and crisp, a great modern interface. In my continuing journey to improve my own site, I decided to code a few of their design ideas into my test blog. In due time, I’ll port them to my primary blog as well.

Having Fun With Change, Logs That Is

Design work, source Unsplash.comTesting is so much fun! I ran across a few websites that had nice lists that were clean and modern. Since I’ve been testing flat design with bootstrap, I thought I’d create my own change log page.

Computact is March’s ZX81 Program

Note: This is just a test site. Looking for the original article? Then, head over to my My ZX81 Computer website and enjoy more articles and programs.

Computact start screen, ZX81, Steven Reid 1984Ah, spring time. As winter melts away, the weather goes haywire and it’s time to enjoy the bouts of sunshine, rain and the occasional thunderstorm of hail. Perhaps it’s fitting that in the middle of this meteorological mayhem that Computact came back to life. An outwardly simple landing game that is almost impossible to play. No matter, it demonstrates some interesting use of ZX81 BASIC as March’s Program of the month.