Testing Flickr Embeds

I generally use BBCODE to display my Flickr images, but HTML requires something a little different.

On my regular blog, I usually share using BBCODE. That has some advantages as I can dictate how the img tag is expanded. Yet, as I use more HTML code, especially on my test site, I thought I’d try out the EMBED option. It looks good, but jury is out on allowing scripts to run from other sites. As long as it doesn’t impact load time or mess with my site, I’m fine. More testing will determine my comfort level.

8029 Mini Snowspeeder

One thing I noticed is that it isn’t responsive. When testing on a mobile device, it cuts off the image and navigation is removed. It doesn’t expand the view port though. I’m probably going to stick with manually creating references back to my flickr site.

Update: Seems when I loaded the page on my phone, it actually is responsive. Hmmm. Found I needed to reload the page in Safari, so it must do something on the fly.