Web design


Updated ACID Planet Picture

Well, I didn't add any new songs, but I did add a new image to my ACID Planet site. I used a photo I took when camping a few years back. I played around with filters and special effects in Microsoft Digital Image Suite to set the mood I was looking for. I think it came out pretty nicely.

Updated My Geocities Site

I updated my GeoCities Imagination web site the other day to add a link to this site. I'm really disapointed with GeoCities since Yahoo! picked it up. Ever since they dropped ftp, making it a pain to update it, I haven't added any content. Their update tools aren't bad, just a pain. Recently I found that they rate limited the site to make it almost useless - 4.9MB an hour, get real. Oh, well. It's been my primary site for almost 10 years now, I guess I shouldn't complain.

That Calander Does Something

Oh, that little calander I said was worthless now actually does something! It now links back to the story files for a particular date.

Also, I updated the design a bit to make the side bar floating and not merge with the footer. Purse CSS does have its drawbacks -- well at least if you want to support IE. Seems IE doesn't support the height property properly, so columns won't line up together. Rather then use tables (politics aside), I settled on a slight modification to the design.

A Blogging We Will Go

So, I decided to try to play in the wild new world of blogs. In true “do it yourself” fashion, I created my own little method of creating blog files. Sure, it doesn’t look any different, but it should make it easier for me to add stuff.

Okay, so I have the story files working. I’ve added the concept of categories. Very nice. I can add an RSS feed (to categories as well). Pretty cool. Now, I just need to figure out how to add the ability for others to add comments. I think I know how to add that feature, but it will take a bit more coding then I want to spend tonight.

What, another change!

Well, yes. Another change! Okay, one that is for the better. I updated the slide show to use JavaScript to rotate the images. It is less annoying and doesn't mess with your history.

The other change is the addition of a calander. Yes, a completely useless update. Sort of. I actually have a plan for it on another site. But I decided to experiment with it on my site. It is actually a modified version of an old calander script I used to have on another site. For this version, I dropped the holiday images and made it smaller to fit better in the side bar.