Fun With Images

I finally got around to updating the top of the site with a nice picture. It is one of a number of pictures I took during my business trip to Singapore last year. I liked the colors in the harbor along with the interesting skyline. For those that have been to Singapore, can you guess where it was taken?

RSS Update

Okay, you probably won't see any differences, but my blog is now a valid RSS feed. Okay, may not seem by much, but I was actually trying to get it to work in IE7. If you have IE7, or other reader that recognizes the <categories> tag, you should see my categories as well. IE7 shows the categories on the left and you can select them to limit what articles are displayed.

In My Head

I uploaded a new song to my ACID Planet Site today called In My Head. Something I started on the plane today to pass away the time. I wanted to put together something that felt like things weren't right -- like something is in my head, needing to get out. Interestingly, this isn't at all how I was feeling, just what I musically wanted to mix together. Enjoy.

Inform 7

I was over at the Informary today and noticed that there was a new version of Inform out! To my surprise, Inform 7 had been released. After reading about it a bit, I had to download it and give it a spin. Graham Nelson decided to try a different approach to creating interactive fiction using natural language. Instead of Inform's usual programming language, it is now more like writing a novel. Not surprisingly, I've spent most of my time today reading through the documentation and converting "The City of Alzan" to Inform 7. I'll post it here when I get it done. Needless to say, this is a whole new adventure for me. Pun intended.

Hate You Again

I added a new song to my ACID Planet site last Tuesday called Hate You Again. It is my submission to the Distorted Reality Contest. I really liked the vocals and tried to use them to drive the song. The "hate you again" stood out to me and I used it to frame the mix. Enjoy.